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Oracle 12c: Real-Time Database Operation Monitoring

In the latest release of Database 12c, Oracle has come up with another brilliant feature for performance monitoring: Real-Time Database Operation Monitoring. Real time SQL monitoring was introduced in 11g and helped with monitoring SQL query performance in real time. However, only individual SQL statements could be monitored in 11g. Now, imagine there is a batch

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The Oracle Optimizer: Mode Considerations

Oracle’s Cost-Based Optimizer has been with us now for a long time. Choosing the right mode setting can improve the average performance of your database queries and is often overlooked. The Optimizer tries to determine the best execution plan for a database query based on many factors including table statistics, query predicates, joins, indexes, partitions

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Cintra's Top Pick for Oracle and SQL Server Query Performance Monitoring: Confio Ignite

Our customers frequently ask for recommendations on SQL Query Performance and Database Performance Monitoring tools. We’re continually reviewing the available tools to for the proactive approach to SQL Query Performance Management. While we endorse the baseline Oracle and Microsoft’s tools for database monitoring and alerting infrastructure, Confio Ignite adds a valuable dimension for a SQL performance

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