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Got an Oracle-based app running slowly? Here’s your guide to effectively diagnosing it

We’ve all experienced that frustrating wait while a web page loads or a business application takes an age to process something. Poor user experiences cost your organization money and risk damaging its reputation. And with so many companies now using customer experience as a differentiator, any that lag behind are at a serious disadvantage. But

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ZFS Storage Appliance – ZS3 Series Update

The ZFS Storage Appliance range has long been an unsung hero in Oracle’s Engineered Systems family. The previous generation, namely the ZFS 7320 and 7420 appliances, married the popular ZFS filesystem technology long used in Solaris with an intelligent hybrid storage pool based on controller DRAM, read and write flash devices, and physical spindles, in

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Duplicate Indexes: Less is More (more or less)

When investigating database performance problems, a common issue seen is duplication of indexes, literally the same column included in multiple indexes. This is often due to a misconception that all predicate columns in a query should be indexed. This can lead to multiple indexes being inadvertently created on the same lead columns. Indexes are used

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Oracle Database Appliance

The Oracle Database Appliance is a new way to leverage Oracle Database 11g in a single, easy-to-deploy and manage system. It’s a complete package of software, clustered servers, redundant storage, and network that’s engineered for simplicity; saving time and money by simplifying deployment, maintenance, and support of database workloads.The Database appliance also offers a unique

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