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Private Cloud Design: Pick the Right Brick

I guess many of you still remember good old times when your company had about three core applications, users were less than twenty, the client layer was installed on a few workstations and all this was fitting perfectly on 2 single instance databases. And then, the company grows, business gets diversified, and suddenly IT becomes

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How to Reduce Oracle Database License Costs with Oracle VM

Our customers are always looking for options to control their Oracle license exposure, especially in non production environments, where licensing based on ever increasing multi-core processors is becoming unmanageable. While virtualization has had an amazing impact for reducing the overall server sprawl for many of our customers, there are few ways to leverage VM to

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Control Oracle License Costs with Oracle Database Appliance or Oracle VM for Linux

One of the biggest licensing challenges our customers face is the increasing license requirements posed by x86 multicore chips. When customers perform a technology refresh to replace obsolete servers, they frequently have no choice but to purchase servers with a significantly higher CPU core count than their existing servers.  This can translate into a huge

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