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How Oracle DBA’s can avoid Software License Non-Compliance due to feature usage

Oracle licensing is a complex subject. A complete policy guide for the database alone runs over 130 pages, and contains a lot of details which are easily misconstrued by even the most experienced users. The Cintra team often come across new customers who have unknowingly created a license compliance issue, either due to being unaware

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Understanding Oracle Proprietary Application Hosting Rights and the PAHRF in 2015

It’s been over two years since Oracle eliminated “Generic Hosting Rights”, the ability for business to license Oracle database products as a way to provide third party software applications (i.e. Applications that are not proprietary to the hosting provider) as a service utilizing Oracle database or middleware back end. Customers can still license Oracle database

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How to Reduce Oracle License Requirements in VM Clusters

Oracle continues to maintain and enforce very unpopular licensing policies when it comes to running Oracle database (and other technology products) in a VM environment. The rule of thumb when it comes to running Oracle in a VM environment is that all processor cores on the physical host must be licensed. Even worse, if you

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Understanding Oracle Licensing “Ten Day Rule”

One of the most misunderstood Oracle license policies is the so called “ten day rule”. Many customers (and even Oracle salespeople) interpret the “ten day rule” to mean they can run a standby or disaster recovery server for up to 10 days without requiring a license. The actual rule is actually quite simple and applies

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Understanding Oracle Licensing for Backup Environments

Published by in Uncategorized on June 5th, 2013

Our customers frequently inquire about Oracle’s license requirements for database backups and if there is any way to install Oracle Database on an unlicensed spare server to be used in a disaster recovery scenario by loading a recent backup. This is what’s considered a managed recovery from backup and shouldn’t be confused with other disaster recovery

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How to Reduce Oracle Database License Costs with Oracle VM

Our customers are always looking for options to control their Oracle license exposure, especially in non production environments, where licensing based on ever increasing multi-core processors is becoming unmanageable. While virtualization has had an amazing impact for reducing the overall server sprawl for many of our customers, there are few ways to leverage VM to

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The Truth About Oracle Database Licensing for Development and Test

Our clients frequently have questions regarding Oracle’s Database licensing policy for development and test environments. Most of the time, they’re flabbergasted by the truth regarding Oracle’s license policy for Development and Test environments due to the user minimums required based on multi-core processor servers. The purpose of this article is to outline Oracle’s licensing policy

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Oracle Eliminates Generic Hosting Rights and Lowers Discounts for SaaS providers for Technology Products

In a move that underscores the growing threat of competitive Cloud based services to Oracle’s traditional perpetual license business model, Oracle announced in October that they are no longer providing Generic Hosting Rights for Oracle Database  and they are raising prices for database licensing for SaaS/Cloud Services providers. This move will effectively remove any potential

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Understanding Oracle Proprietary Application Rights Licensing

Published by in Uncategorized on March 8th, 2012

We’re seeing increasing numbers of customers with concerns and questions regarding Oracle’s licensing policy for Cloud Application Service Providers. The standard Oracle License and Services Agreement only allows use of Oracle software for internal business operations. Other uses, such as a hosting a proprietary or third party application and providing software as a service where

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Control Oracle License Costs with Oracle Database Appliance or Oracle VM for Linux

One of the biggest licensing challenges our customers face is the increasing license requirements posed by x86 multicore chips. When customers perform a technology refresh to replace obsolete servers, they frequently have no choice but to purchase servers with a significantly higher CPU core count than their existing servers.  This can translate into a huge

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