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Oracle Discontinues Standard Edition and Standard Edition One and Introduces Standard Edition Two (SE2)

By Seth Feeley  sfeeley@cintra.com On September 1, 2015 Oracle announced that with the release of, Oracle Standard Edition and Standard Edition One have been discontinued and replaced with a new product called Standard Edition Two (SE2). At Cintra, we’re reaching out to our Standard Edition customers to inform them of this significant change in

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Understanding Oracle Proprietary Application Hosting Rights and the PAHRF in 2015

It’s been over two years since Oracle eliminated “Generic Hosting Rights”, the ability for business to license Oracle database products as a way to provide third party software applications (i.e. Applications that are not proprietary to the hosting provider) as a service utilizing Oracle database or middleware back end. Customers can still license Oracle database

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Avoid Oracle's 12c Upgrade Licensing Compliance Audit

Many of our customers are in the process of planning the upgrade of their Oracle databases to 12c, especially due to the end of support for 11g database. One compelling new feature of 12c is the in memory database Option (priced at $23,000.00 per processor). While many Oracle customers may derive value from the significant

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Oracle Support Policies: Matching Service Levels and Terminating Licenses and Support

Oracle has an “All or Nothing” policy towards technical support of their products. This policy, known as matching service levels,  means that you can either maintain the same level of support across all licenses of a license set (i.e. Database and Options) or maintain no support across all licenses, but nothing in between, such as

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Understanding Oracle Licensing “Ten Day Rule”

One of the most misunderstood Oracle license policies is the so called “ten day rule”. Many customers (and even Oracle salespeople) interpret the “ten day rule” to mean they can run a standby or disaster recovery server for up to 10 days without requiring a license. The actual rule is actually quite simple and applies

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How to Reduce Oracle Database License Costs with Oracle VM

Our customers are always looking for options to control their Oracle license exposure, especially in non production environments, where licensing based on ever increasing multi-core processors is becoming unmanageable. While virtualization has had an amazing impact for reducing the overall server sprawl for many of our customers, there are few ways to leverage VM to

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The Truth About Oracle Database Licensing for Development and Test

Our clients frequently have questions regarding Oracle’s Database licensing policy for development and test environments. Most of the time, they’re flabbergasted by the truth regarding Oracle’s license policy for Development and Test environments due to the user minimums required based on multi-core processor servers. The purpose of this article is to outline Oracle’s licensing policy

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An Oracle License Review can Reduce your Oracle License and Support Costs

Managing multiple Oracle license and support agreements can be a daunting task for Oracle customers and can lead to over licensing where you pay significantly more for licenses and ongoing support than necessary, or under licensing where you are at risk for a painful and potentially expensive Oracle LMS audit. The only way to ensure

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Best Practices to Navigate an Oracle License Audit

Published by in Uncategorized on March 8th, 2012

Oracle does not protect their products with license keys and it is the end user’s responsibility to ensure that they procure the appropriate license and support prior to installing Oracle software. This can create unintentional compliance issues that can result in significant financial liabilities.   Oracle license non-compliance is not uncommon and can be a

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