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GoldenGate Studio – Finally a GUI for data mapping

With introduction of GoldenGate Studio, replication solution can be pre-configured and deployment templates can be created by dragging and dropping data services and replication paths to the solution diagram. Prior to GoldenGate studio, for data mapping we need to create mapping configuration manually for schema, tables and column mapping by analyzing respective schema and tables.

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Oracle GoldenGate 12c: Integrated Configurations

Setting up a GoldenGate environment entails making several decisions on how to structure the environment. Choices like trail file location, naming conventions for processes, etc. are usually pretty simple. With the release of 12c, there is a decision that merits very close attention: whether to use an INTEGRATED configuration or a CLASSIC one. The INTEGRATED

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GoldenGate 12c New Feature: The Credential Store

Oracle released a very interesting feature with GoldenGate 12c that will help with security and flexibility: the Credential Store Framework (CSF). This enables database IDs and passwords to be stored centrally and securely. I think this is a great addition, as it always bothered me to have to hard code a password (or even its

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GoldenGate Replication from On-Premise to Public Cloud

Now that there are several “database in the cloud” offerings it is becoming more likely that service subscribers will need some form of real-replication between databases that are on-premise and those that are cloud-based, whether for Disaster Recovery, Data Warehousing, real-time reporting and data integration, or a multi-master site strategy. Since GoldenGate has become Oracle’s

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