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Backing Up and Restoring Your MySQL Database

Backing Up and Restoring Your MySQL Database Do you need to change your web host or switch your database server? This is probably the only time when you really think of backing up your MySQL data. If you’ve got a website with a database or your custom database running for your applications, it is imperative that you

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Ten MySQL Best Practices

MySQL is a complex piece of software that may seem overwhelming when you’re first trying to learn it. This article describes a set of best practices for MySQL administrators, architects, and developers that should help in the security, maintenance, and performance of a MySQL installation. 1. Set a password for the “root” user and then

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MySQL Administrator Best Practices

Database administration serves a number of important functions from improving the performance of your database to avoiding a disaster that would result in lost data or costly system downtime. This article will describe some of the fundamental tools and practices programmers, as well as DBAs and SysAdmins, can use with the powerful new MySQL Administrator

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