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Private Cloud Design: Pick the Right Brick

I guess many of you still remember good old times when your company had about three core applications, users were less than twenty, the client layer was installed on a few workstations and all this was fitting perfectly on 2 single instance databases. And then, the company grows, business gets diversified, and suddenly IT becomes

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Oracle Exadata: A Few Features You May Not Be Aware Of

Oracle Exadata represents the most capable and powerful converged system on the planet for consumer businesses. While most people are familiar with flash cache and storage cells, Cintra occasionally runs into a few features with which even the most experienced Database Machine Administrators are not familiar. Here are a list of some that we typically

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The Truth About Oracle License Requirements in VMware Clusters

This article is a follow up to a post from 2014 focused on Oracle’s license policies for clustered VMware environments running Oracle database and middleware products. Since our original post – repeated below- we’ve received feedback from several parties, including Oracle Corp. and individuals with Oracle and VMware licensing experience. From the VMware side, the

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Oracle OpenWorld 2014 Hot Topics

Oracle OpenWorld, the company’s week-long convention in San Francisco, was bigger this year than ever before. More people, more lines, more products, and more technical sessions than in any previous year. So, what nuggets of information did the Cintra team pick up at OOW? This year, the overriding theme was 12c. Whether it was 12c

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Traditional RAC vs RAC On Engineered Systems Deployment

Oracle has designed engineered systems to reduce the cost and complexity of IT infrastructures while increasing productivity and performance. A faster deployment to production is achieved by implementing pre-engineered and pre-assembled hardware and software bundles that have been designed, engineered, and tested to work together. Oracle Engineered Systems are specifically designed and optimized for database

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Exadata: Introduction and Frequently Asked Questions

In the last 15 years, the growing need for collecting and accessing data encouraged storage vendors to improve the performance of their products by combining traditional hard disks with solid state disks and adding firmware capable of managing intelligent caching processes. These days, there is an increasing focus of interest in Decision Support Systems (DSS),

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Exadata Delivered and Managed by Oracle's 2011 Global Database Partner

Exadata Delivered and Managed by Oracle’s 2011 Global Database Partner of the Year  The Oracle Exadata Database Machine is the only database machine that provides extreme performance for any workload, providing measurable ROI through consolidation.   Part of Oracle’s engineered systems solutions, Exadata is a integrated solution composed of networking, servers, storage and software in

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