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Oracle 12c Multitenant Option – A Database Architect’s Perspective

The Future Do you wonder what the future holds for the principal Oracle Database platform in terms of its RDBMS Architecture? The Oracle Multitenant Architecture is the platform for the future. Putting this plainly, the current Non-Multitenant Architecture (aka Legacy Architecture), will ultimately be de-supported so, if you’re serious as an Oracle DBA, you had

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Oracle 12c Multitenancy: Pluggable Database Concepts

A few years ago, Oracle released a multitenant database architecture that featured a concept called Pluggable Databases. The basic idea behind this architecture is a set of containers. A multitenant database is comprised of: One root container which acts as the main repository for metadata and common users One seed pluggable database that acts as

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Oracle 12c Multi-Tenancy: Changing the Way We Think About Database Design

Oracle Database 12c’s multitenancy option represents a significant change in the traditional database architecture. For those not familiar with the multitenancy feature, it can be summarized as a single Oracle instance (known as a “Container Database” or CDB), with multiple databases (known as “Pluggable Databases” or PDBs) using the processes and memory structures of that

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