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Oracle Database Appliance X6-2 S/M: Optimized and Cost-effective Database Platforms

The Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) X6-2S and X6-2M are two of the latest ODA models released by Oracle which offer greater simplicity, increased optimization and flexibility as well as the ability to support several types of application workloads, deployment solutions and database editions.

In addition to the various customizable solutions that the ODA X6-2S and X6-2M offers, the configuration options for the ODA are much simpler as well as adaptive to cater to customer needs and Application requirements.

The Oracle Database Appliance X6-2S and X6-2M offer an integrated platform to customers comprised of servers, storage, network and database, thus simplifying and enhancing the configuration requirements as well as deployment capabilities. These components are integrated with optimized software to provide a robust, stable and dependable database system that can be used for a variety of custom and packaged OLTP, data warehousing and in-memory database workloads.

The X6-2S and X6-2M configurations are a perfect example of an advanced engineered platform integrating both the hardware and software in a seamless fashion to run the Oracle Database. Below is the Hardware summary for the X6-2S and X6-2M appliances:


Below are the details of the database and OS software for X6-2S and X6-2M configuration:


As a glimpse of how storage is configured on the X6-2S and X6-2M appliances, it uses Oracle Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System (Oracle ACFS) or Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM) and includes the following:

  • Integrated storage for operational files (Oracle Linux operating system, Oracle Grid Infrastructure home, Oracle Database homes, tools)
  • DATA (user data and database files)
  • RECO (database redo logs, archive logs and recovery manager backups)

Further emphasizing, based on customer needs, the storage configuration can be divided between DATA and RECO disk groups in diverse ways based on how backups are required:

  • External: Storage capacity is split between 80% for DATA and 20% for RECO
  • Internal: Storage capacity is split between 40% for DATA and 60% for RECO.
  • Custom: Storage capacity is configurable from 10% to 90% for DATA and the remainder for RECO

Also, below is a summary of the system configuration on the Oracle database appliance:

  • Oracle Linux with the Unbreakable kernel:

Oracle Linux 6.7 with kernel-uek-2.6.39-400.276.1.el6uek.x86_64

  • Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Database:

Release Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 (, Oracle Database Enterprise Edition (,

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Express on port 1158

To access Oracle Enterprise Manager, below is URL string, where hostname is the name of the Oracle Database Appliance server:


The physical configuration and cabling of the X6-2S and X6-2M appliances is quite simplified and provided below for reference:







Written by Sumit Kochar, Senior Oracle DBA, Cintra NY – June 2017


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