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Cintra Data Masking and Subsetting Solution

Most of us know that Oracle has an option that can be added to Enterprise Edition databases called the Data Masking and Subsetting Pack. This is a powerful solution, typically used to mask data when it is exported from a Production database and loaded into a Non-Production environment, so that our Developers do not have access to sensitive data.

However… what happens if we’re running on an environment with 120 CPU cores, and the cost of adopting this software option is prohibitive? But our auditors still require it? And how about if we need a similar solution for SQL Server? Are we out of luck?

Fortunately not! Here at Cintra, we have developed a comprehensive alternative which is almost as feature-rich as the license options, but does not require any additional licensing at all! Here’s a short summary of the solution and how we deliver it.

Data Masking and Subsetting is one of the architected solutions in Cintra’s array of blue printed solutions. At Cintra, we pride ourselves on partnered customer relationships wherein we closely work with our many satisfied clients to jointly identify and implement the best solution for their unique business needs.

The Cintra Data Masking and Subsetting tool is a customizable solution and rule-based approach to de-sensitizing column data at source as it is copied from a production database to non-production databases. The software intelligently hides sensitive column values such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, names, addresses, and phone numbers from unauthorized access thereby preventing data breaches. The masked values are repeatable and realistic so that the application can function as if the data were not masked.

The data is masked using methods to ensure repeatability from one run to another to provide stable development and test environments. Masked values cardinality and distribution rates are maintained to help ensure that the application functions and performs as if the data were not masked. Masking is applied carefully to preserve significant characters used in intelligent values such as the first three characters of social security numbers.

Data Masking and Subsetting Service and Solution
Cintra’s Security Solution Architect will jointly work with you to understand, define, and document your unique business security needs to optimally match the business needs with that of the Cintra Data Masking and Subsetting tool. The following high level interaction will occur between the Cintra Security Solution Architect and your team:

  • Business Security Requirements Workshops
    • Full Cintra team of Security Solution Architects
    • Facilitated sessions with Business experts to identify data masking requirements
    • Focused session with Security Managers to understand business direction / growth
  • Identify current processes to participate in Data Masking
    • Perform an initial inventory and assessment of each production data copy
    • Analysis of the level of customization required
    • Analysis of migration options to each non-production environment
  • Business case and cost savings of the new architecture
    • Provide a fully costed approach for the appropriate selected solution
    • Analysis of potential cost savings and reduction on alternatives

Proven Success with Cintra World Class Security Architecture Services
Cintra Security Solution Architects have delivered security architecture services for 20 years, resulting in many successful deployments.  Cintra is at the forefront of evolving and refreshing security architectures to ensure that they remain secure, agile and cost-effective.

Written by Jack Augustin, Database Architect, Cintra TOLA – May 2017

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