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Oracle OpenWorld 2014 Hot Topics

Oracle OpenWorld, the company’s week-long convention in San Francisco, was bigger this year than ever before. More people, more lines, more products, and more technical sessions than in any previous year. So, what nuggets of information did the Cintra team pick up at OOW? This year, the overriding theme was 12c. Whether it was 12c

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Larry Throws in the Towel

I was surprised to hear about Larry Ellison stepping down as CEO of Oracle. The timing is interesting with Openworld  just a week and a half away. I think the Hurd/Katz management team has their work cut out for them to deliver the same gravitas that Larry had, but this is a long time coming.

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Oracle EBS in a Box – Reducing Complexity and Ensuring Success

How many of you been involved in an Oracle EBS implementation? I am sure you are well aware of the complexity involved in the implementation. Not just the functional implementation, but the infrastructure implementation is a challenge in its own right, isn’t it? You need a database server, multiple application servers for different environments (Patching,

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Cintra Database Security Services – Helping You Navigate the Security Minefield

In many organizations, there was a time when database security simply involved ensuring environments were patched and passwords were not set to default values and database security audits involved a port scan and a handful of basic checks. However, the current focus on data security has never been higher and under such intense scrutiny with

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Data Security Part 1: Transparent Data Encryption

Data security has become an extremely hot topic, as several large organizations have suffered data loss or data theft recently, and major viruses threaten the security of our networks and database environments like never before. With more systems storing more data, we are also seeing greater requirements for regulatory compliance, such as PCI, CIS and

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How to Reduce Oracle License Requirements in VM Clusters

Oracle continues to maintain and enforce very unpopular licensing policies when it comes to running Oracle database (and other technology products) in a VM environment. The rule of thumb when it comes to running Oracle in a VM environment is that all processor cores on the physical host must be licensed. Even worse, if you

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Oracle Support Policies: Matching Service Levels and Terminating Licenses and Support

Oracle has an “All or Nothing” policy towards technical support of their products. This policy, known as matching service levels,  means that you can either maintain the same level of support across all licenses of a license set (i.e. Database and Options) or maintain no support across all licenses, but nothing in between, such as

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Understanding Oracle Licensing “Ten Day Rule”

One of the most misunderstood Oracle license policies is the so called “ten day rule”. Many customers (and even Oracle salespeople) interpret the “ten day rule” to mean they can run a standby or disaster recovery server for up to 10 days without requiring a license. The actual rule is actually quite simple and applies

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ZFS Storage Appliance – ZS3 Series Update

The ZFS Storage Appliance range has long been an unsung hero in Oracle’s Engineered Systems family. The previous generation, namely the ZFS 7320 and 7420 appliances, married the popular ZFS filesystem technology long used in Solaris with an intelligent hybrid storage pool based on controller DRAM, read and write flash devices, and physical spindles, in

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Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 12c Best Practices: Part 8 – Repository Control

Oracle Data Integrator 12c is out and, as part of the Oracle Data Integration suite, it delivers high-performance data movement and transformation among enterprise platforms with its open and integrated E-LT architecture The latest ODI 12c version works in conjunction with Oracle Golden Gate, the Oracle’s database replication tool, in order to provide near real-time data

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