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December, 2013:

Exadata: Introduction and Frequently Asked Questions

In the last 15 years, the growing need for collecting and accessing data encouraged storage vendors to improve the performance of their products by combining traditional hard disks with solid state disks and adding firmware capable of managing intelligent caching processes. These days, there is an increasing focus of interest in Decision Support Systems (DSS),

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Zero Downtime, Zero Risk Oracle Migrations

As the world of data is constantly, exponentially expanding and uptime requirements are following suit, this presents problems for not only storing that data, but how to migrate it between Oracle versions. Oracle Database 12c presents some compelling benefits, but if we cannot move our multi-terabyte database to it without significant downtime, we may not

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Duplicate Indexes: Less is More (more or less)

When investigating database performance problems, a common issue seen is duplication of indexes, literally the same column included in multiple indexes. This is often due to a misconception that all predicate columns in a query should be indexed. This can lead to multiple indexes being inadvertently created on the same lead columns. Indexes are used

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