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January, 2013:

SQL Server: Microsoft Making It All About Memory

You make your living around databases. If you are like us here at Cintra, that means you have your hands full. There is little time to ponder, “What’s the next thing I’m going to need to know?” Most of the time, the hands-full database professionals’ focus is more spotlight than floodlight. We see a product

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How to Reduce Oracle Database License Costs with Oracle VM

Our customers are always looking for options to control their Oracle license exposure, especially in non production environments, where licensing based on ever increasing multi-core processors is becoming unmanageable. While virtualization has had an amazing impact for reducing the overall server sprawl for many of our customers, there are few ways to leverage VM to

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The Truth About Oracle Database Licensing for Development and Test

Our clients frequently have questions regarding Oracle’s Database licensing policy for development and test environments. Most of the time, they’re flabbergasted by the truth regarding Oracle’s license policy for Development and Test environments due to the user minimums required based on multi-core processor servers. The purpose of this article is to outline Oracle’s licensing policy

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