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Exadata: Introduction and Frequently Asked Questions

In the last 15 years, the growing need for collecting and accessing data encouraged storage vendors to improve the performance of their products by combining traditional hard disks with solid state disks and adding firmware capable of managing intelligent caching processes. These days, there is an increasing focus of interest in Decision Support Systems (DSS),

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Zero Downtime, Zero Risk Oracle Migrations

As the world of data is constantly, exponentially expanding and uptime requirements are following suit, this presents problems for not only storing that data, but how to migrate it between Oracle versions. Oracle Database 12c presents some compelling benefits, but if we cannot move our multi-terabyte database to it without significant downtime, we may not

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Duplicate Indexes: Less is More (more or less)

When investigating database performance problems, a common issue seen is duplication of indexes, literally the same column included in multiple indexes. This is often due to a misconception that all predicate columns in a query should be indexed. This can lead to multiple indexes being inadvertently created on the same lead columns. Indexes are used

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Understanding Oracle Licensing for Backup Environments

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Our customers frequently inquire about Oracle’s license requirements for database backups and if there is any way to install Oracle Database on an unlicensed spare server to be used in a disaster recovery scenario by loading a recent backup. This is what’s considered a managed recovery from backup and shouldn’t be confused with other disaster recovery

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SQL Server: Microsoft Making It All About Memory

You make your living around databases. If you are like us here at Cintra, that means you have your hands full. There is little time to ponder, “What’s the next thing I’m going to need to know?” Most of the time, the hands-full database professionals’ focus is more spotlight than floodlight. We see a product

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How to Reduce Oracle Database License Costs with Oracle VM

Our customers are always looking for options to control their Oracle license exposure, especially in non production environments, where licensing based on ever increasing multi-core processors is becoming unmanageable. While virtualization has had an amazing impact for reducing the overall server sprawl for many of our customers, there are few ways to leverage VM to

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The Truth About Oracle Database Licensing for Development and Test

Our clients frequently have questions regarding Oracle’s Database licensing policy for development and test environments. Most of the time, they’re flabbergasted by the truth regarding Oracle’s license policy for Development and Test environments due to the user minimums required based on multi-core processor servers. The purpose of this article is to outline Oracle’s licensing policy

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