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Oracle OpenWorld 2012 – A DBA’s Perspective

The last time I attended Oracle OpenWorld was way back in 1996, in the days before Oracle acquired Sun, JD Edwards and a plethora of other companies. It was pretty small-scale back then, with a single exhibition hall and sessions which were almost exclusively focused on database technology. Not so in 2012; with around 50,000

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Oracle Eliminates Generic Hosting Rights and Lowers Discounts for SaaS providers for Technology Products

In a move that underscores the growing threat of competitive Cloud based services to Oracle’s traditional perpetual license business model, Oracle announced in October that they are no longer providing Generic Hosting Rights for Oracle Database  and they are raising prices for database licensing for SaaS/Cloud Services providers. This move will effectively remove any potential

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Impressive migration performance from Oracle’s Database Appliance

Not surprisingly, we are seeing a lot of demand recently for migrating data from the now-unsupported 10gR2 release to 11gR2. One of our recent data migration projects involved doing this for a 1TB database to the Oracle Database Appliance. In this case, as the legacy database was heavily fragmented, the client requested we load the

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Cintra’s Top Pick for Oracle and SQL Server Query Performance Monitoring: Confio Ignite

Published by in SQL SERVER on March 30th, 2012

Our customers frequently ask for recommendations on SQL Query Performance and Database Performance Monitoring tools. We’re continually reviewing the available tools to for the proactive approach to SQL Query Performance Management. While we endorse the baseline Oracle and Microsoft’s tools for database monitoring and alerting infrastructure, Confio Ignite adds a valuable dimension for a SQL performance

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An Oracle License Review can Reduce your Oracle License and Support Costs

Managing multiple Oracle license and support agreements can be a daunting task for Oracle customers and can lead to over licensing where you pay significantly more for licenses and ongoing support than necessary, or under licensing where you are at risk for a painful and potentially expensive Oracle LMS audit. The only way to ensure

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Best Practices to Navigate an Oracle License Audit

Published by in LICENSING on March 8th, 2012

Oracle does not protect their products with license keys and it is the end user’s responsibility to ensure that they procure the appropriate license and support prior to installing Oracle software. This can create unintentional compliance issues that can result in significant financial liabilities.   Oracle license non-compliance is not uncommon and can be a

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Understanding Oracle Proprietary Application Rights Licensing

We’re seeing increasing numbers of customers with concerns and questions regarding Oracle’s licensing policy for Cloud Application Service Providers. The standard Oracle License and Services Agreement only allows use of Oracle software for internal business operations. Other uses, such as a hosting a proprietary or third party application and providing software as a service where

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Oracle Data Integrator – Versioning

Versioning Versioning is a smart method of implementing a certain condition or multiple condition , objects for a particular interface , package or scenarios without required to have multiple such objects. Creating Version To create a version , right click on the object to be versioned and click ok Version-> Create and a popup will

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Top Ten Best Practices in Oracle Data Integrator Projects

This post assumes that you have some level of familiarity with Oracle Data Integrator. Please refer to the ODI Tutorial for a quick introduction, or to the complete ODI documentation for detailed information. Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) is a very powerful product when handled correctly. Unfortunately, some mistakes may lead to dramatic results in Integration

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Disaster Recovery and Monitoring for Oracle Standard Edition

Did you know that you can enhance the performance, availability, manageability and capacity of your existing Oracle’s Standard Edition licenses? Maximize your Oracle Standard Edition (SE) and Standard Edition One (SE1) licenses by utilizing the high availability and performance management options usually only available through Oracle’s Enterprise Edition. Cintra’s SuperCharged SE leverages best in breed

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