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February, 2010:

Creating a New Dashboard

A common mistake when starting to create the dashboards is using the “My Dashboards”. This is the easier option, but there is a restriction that the reports be viewed only under your user. To create a new dashboard, click in the link “Setting -> My Account” and choose the option below:

Tips for suppressing repeated values

When you configure the reports to suppress repeated values for some specific column, you have to make sure the other configurations will not overlap this option below: If the behavior is what you expected, so go to the Table layout and click in the “Table Properties” image. Uncheck the option highlighted:

Creating Dashboard Prompts

As a standard, the filters that will be displayed on the top of the dashboards (poplists, textboxes, radio buttons, etc) have to be done using Dashboard Prompts. To create a new Dashboard Prompt, click on the link “Answers”. On the “Answers” home page, click in the image below:

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