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Oracle Audit Vault: A Primer

So, what is Audit Vault? Audit Vault is one part of Oracle AVDF (Audit Vault & Database Firewall).  It consolidates and secures audit event data from one or more Oracle or non-Oracle sources, and provides extensive and customizable reporting abilities to fulfil an organizations security and compliance requirements. What is the architecture of Audit Vault?

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Cintra Data Masking and Subsetting Solution

Most of us know that Oracle has an option that can be added to Enterprise Edition databases called the Data Masking and Subsetting Pack. This is a powerful solution, typically used to mask data when it is exported from a Production database and loaded into a Non-Production environment, so that our Developers do not have

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Modern Data Security: Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets

Information security has always been a hot topic in the IT industry, however in recent months the focus on this area has further increased. Whether due to national events such as the alleged hacking of the US election by foreign parties, international crises such as the WannaCry ransomware virus, or personal information attacks such as

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GoldenGate 12c New Feature: The Credential Store

Oracle released a very interesting feature with GoldenGate 12c that will help with security and flexibility: the Credential Store Framework (CSF). This enables database IDs and passwords to be stored centrally and securely. I think this is a great addition, as it always bothered me to have to hard code a password (or even its

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Cintra Database Security Services – Helping You Navigate the Security Minefield

In many organizations, there was a time when database security simply involved ensuring environments were patched and passwords were not set to default values and database security audits involved a port scan and a handful of basic checks. However, the current focus on data security has never been higher and under such intense scrutiny with

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Data Security Part 1: Transparent Data Encryption

Data security has become an extremely hot topic, as several large organizations have suffered data loss or data theft recently, and major viruses threaten the security of our networks and database environments like never before. With more systems storing more data, we are also seeing greater requirements for regulatory compliance, such as PCI, CIS and

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