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IBM Power Systems running out of capacity? Here’s why you may not need to buy more

As your business demands more from your IBM Power Systems estate, we can re-architect your platform to free up valuable capacity – and deliver a raft of other benefits, including better performance, cloud flexibility and greater value from your Oracle licenses. IBM Power Systems are large, powerful and expensive bits of kit. If you’ve ever

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Why the arrival of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a big deal

Published by in CLOUD, ORACLE on December 13th, 2017

There have been some big announcements around the Oracle Cloud recently, not least the availability of a new European region in Frankfurt. We’re really excited about this, because it expands Oracle’s second-generation of cloud infrastructure (known as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, or OCI) beyond North America for the first time. A London-based OCI region is due

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Got an Oracle-based app running slowly? Here’s your guide to effectively diagnosing it

We’ve all experienced that frustrating wait while a web page loads or a business application takes an age to process something. Poor user experiences cost your organization money and risk damaging its reputation. And with so many companies now using customer experience as a differentiator, any that lag behind are at a serious disadvantage. But

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